One of The Best Thai Food Dining Experience

Savoring Two Decades

Thai Cuisine Elevated: Swiss-Palate Adapted, Ready for Your Preferred Spice Intensity!

food is our common ground, a universal experience.

At our restaurant, culinary excellence is paramount. Every ingredient is handpicked for quality, and our chefs seamlessly merge tradition with modernity. We’re committed to delivering unparalleled dining experiences with every dish we serve.

Second Floor

22 Years of Culinary Legacy

For 22 years, our restaurant has stood as a testament to culinary excellence in Heiden. With a legacy built on passion and consistent quality, we’re proud to have been a favored choice for generations. Our commitment to exceptional dining remains as strong today as on our opening day.

Perfect For Groups

Our restaurant is perfectly designed for groups of all sizes. The ground floor welcomes smaller groups with its intimate setting for up to 30 guests, while the second floor is tailored for larger groups, accommodating up to 40 diners. With our authentic Thai dishes crafted for sharing, groups both big and small will find a communal culinary experience awaiting them.

Fresh produce everyday

Every day at our restaurant, we prioritize freshness by crafting dishes exclusively from the day’s fresh produce. Our commitment to quality ensures that each meal is as vibrant and flavorful as nature intended. Guests can always expect a culinary experience that highlights the pure, unadulterated essence of our ingredients.

Group Events with Thai Food

Event room for up to 30 persons

Our second floor offers space for Small Weddings, Family Gathering, Baptism, Celebrations and Business Events.

We offer flexible buffet menu matching to your type of events.



Lunch Thai Ambiente

Nutritious, Satisfying Cuisine at Wallet-Friendly Prices.

Tom Yam Gung


Tom Yum Gung is a spicy and sour Thai shrimp soup, infused with aromatic herbs like lemongrass, galangal, and kaffir lime leaves.